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. . . designing for animals, people, nature.

Design For Life Consultancy is a Singapore-based firm specialised in the design of zoos, zoo exhibits and other nature related attractions. Its founder and principal designer, Michael Graetz has some 35 years experience in zoo design, including 20 years leading Singapore Zoo's in-house design effort.

Design For Life works with a network of architects, landscape architects and zoologists to create collaborative teams of professionals tailored to the requirements of each project.

Design For Life has undertaken projects mostly in Asia and the Middle East but also in the U.K. Our philosophy is to build on our practical knowledge of zoo operations and management to ensure our projects are functional for the client and yet we aim to innovate, to take ideas and draw inspiration from sources other than zoos.

This, briefly is what Design For Life is. It is about design for life in the widest sense: both human life and animal life.

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